Winter Wedding: Leti & Pepo -Brides mimoki

Almost a year ago this magical winter wedding and I have to confess that every time I like weddings at this time . Warm despite the cold that mark the thermometers and with a special charm and light .

Leti and my cousin Pepo were married at the beginning of 2017 And she was our first bride of the Year . I loved to premiere it with a bride mimoki Like her and especially with such a special celebration for my whole family .

madrid Dawned with cold on January 21 and at the parents ' house of the bride Preparations began . Both Leti , As her little sister Mary and her mother , Lourdes , They chose the designer Inés Martín Alcalde For the Big day .

Leti wore a simple cut dress and it was the details that really made the difference . The body with the old embroideries so peculiar to Inés , A layer with a lot of fall that covered his shoulders and as a strong point a white fur collar he could not have married better with our crown , Made with vintage and trimmings pieces .

Leti Trusted Our Beloved Álvaro Talayero For the hairstyle and makeup . No one better than he knows to highlight the beauty natural of the Brides . Light makeup that illuminate , Relaxed hairstyles... Leti made him a low ponytail that allowed him to play with the structure of the headpiece , so particular that today is still one of the models that you ask the most when you come to see us at the store .

Also Maria and Lourdes passed through Álvaro's hands and were radiant . Both in velvet dresses and their headpiece mimoki . Maria was gorgeous with a turban headband lined in silk with reliefs of the same color That her dress and a black velito covering her face . and Lourdes , So elegant with a headpiece Very mimoki Of creative structures that were wrapped between them in different materials .  

The boyfriends got the yes I want in the Church of the Calatravas , In the heart of madrid . As a creative soul , Nothing amuses me more than arriving and seeing banks full of guests with their headpiece mimoki. My cousins "The groom's sisters," my sister , Oh my God , Friends and family of Leti . .. Mimokigirls Of all ages with their headpiece Isn't that great?

We left the city after the ceremony to continue enjoying the day on the farm The pretenses. After the meal Leti and Pepo opened the dance to which then we would unite all . Some fun and relaxed boyfriends decided to change their dress shoes for a white converse with which to jump and dance at the rate of Mickey Pavón (A crack ! ). and How Not , We all get from that environmentEnjoyed. The bride , became the Queen of the party with her other headpiece mimoki , A structure in brass aged in three heights adorned with crystals and crowned by our duster Japanese To give you this rock touch that I like so much .

You don't know how well we had it , How much we laughed , that we Dance , that we cry (but also laughter)...

Y lo feliz que me fui sabiendo que, de nuevo, otra novia volvió a brillar en su gran día con su tocado mimoki. <3



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