A dinner of Super women

¡Mujeres muy mujeres!

Smart , Interesting , Fun , With a lot of world , Beauties eager to leave their mark on every project they undertake with all their passion .

Fue emocionante ver tantos ojos brillantes en las presentaciones que cada una hizo de sus proyectos actuales y futuros.

It has been a very stimulating luxury to spend tonight surrounded by women with a lot of talent and Savoir faire .

The dinner organized by Julia Urgel (a oleee for her as a journalist and as a person) in honor of Ariadne Grant , Director of Marie Claire Mexico, That went through madrid Some days , Brought together an unbeatable group of women wanting to have fun .

We premiered the summer menu of Beker6 With truffled eggs , Varied humus and salads of scallops which was spectacular . I had talked a lot about the site and I wanted to meet him , A success !

And then I went running after the first day of our outlet with my total Look mimoki .

When I'm in such a hurry I always mix between my favorites I know they don't fail . Marlota Dress , kimono Maison Shanghai Earrings April by April and necklace by Cristina Zazo... all for mimoki .

Between Paula Ordovás My peeptoes, The Hernández Sisters Indietro & Fashionistas, Sophie Von Schonburg de Cul de Sac, alejandra Bourbon of Loewe, María Macías de Farlabo, The designer Gloria Rios, Marta de Isabel Maestre Catering, Stylist Florence Reveillaud We share stories , Laughter and our way of living what we really love .


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mimoki - headpieces - blog - mypeeptoes

mimoki - headpieces - blog mimoki - headpieces - blog 

mimoki - blog - headpieces


Thank you Julia for thinking of me for this great dinner and Click 10 Photography por estos fotones para el recuerdo.

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