Dressed by mimoki

The story begins with a trip in which my friend Maria discovered me Shanghai and taught me the places to find and recognize the best silks in the world . I fell in love with the fabrics and colors and started to create in the air and dream awake with this first collection dressed by mimoki .

 Quise crear piezas especiales, que por su textura querrás ponerte a cualquier hora, siendo en realidad looks de invitada. Diseños que resaltaran el cuerpo de la mujer sin encorsetarla y que se fundieran a la perfección con nuestros mimokis.

Back home and once defined this first line with the design team mimoki , each garment has been made here in madrid And sale From the expert hands of the dressmakers and workshops with the most trajectory of the sector ... The result is noticeable in every detail .

I can't believe I'm already here. .

Natural fabrics in powdered colors only splashed by a red blood . Coherent textures that in contact with the skin feel intimately own .

Made with Care . Made in spain



Five unique guests , Carefully chosen to add to the wake and personal philosophy of mimoki .

We launched our first mini dressed BY collection mimoki 01 .

A collection that stems from the illusion and passion of interpreting the female body creating pieces that excite .

As an extension of our Mimokis and with the same methodology that includes aspects that go beyond the fashion , But always tied to it , How art is , Design and study to create artistic objects with Alma .

Dress from head to guest feet mimoki With garments designed to feel a second skin . Designs that win with the gesture and movement of the one who wears it .

MIMOKI DRESSED BY MIMOKI 01 S From mimoki On vimeo.



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