Four Lookazos for summer parties

Crazy about ruffled dresses this season , Here they go 4 Lookazos for summer parties !

We repeat production of the hand of Flamintgo To interpret the fluid and vaporous movement of these tissues in their most vibrant colors: 

Yellow Lemonade , Turquoise , Orange and Peach .

Difficult to choose a favorite . ..



The summer evening parties and weddings are here for you to enjoy until dawn !


Dresses: @mimokishop

Orange Dress: Abit Mandarin

Yellow dress: Available in Shop  @mimokishop

Turquoise Dress: Available in Shop  @mimokishop

Peach set: Available in Shop @mimokishop

Earrings: @Acuscomplementos And @delarivacomplementos

Shoes: @figara_shoes And @justeneshoes

Model: @mariagarridoest

Photos: @ngestudio_natalia

Video: @tff_films

Production and styling:  @flamintgo @cartucalderondeaguinaga

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