Winter Guest

Siempre es un dilema elegir el look de invitada perfecta para una boda de invierno. Hay que tener en cuenta tantas cosas… que a veces desesperas dando vueltas para dar con la clave de ese equilibrio.

Will I wear gloves , Thick or thin stockings , Jewels and furs? Won't I look too old? The mimoki That combines with the bag , or shoes , or the dress? What about protocol?...... go líooooooo . No worries ! In mimoki We are passionate about winter guests and We give you the keys To create a simply perfect look .

The cold suggests us women with character , Elegant , Combining sophisticated accessories and some air to Fatal Feme. Where sometimes more is more and other less , is better .

I am a lover of weddings in the cold and snowy season . I think the winter guests can become even more elegant than the summer and that is in the winter weddings Where They identify those that have more style . 

The years 40 It is the glorious decade in which they were inspired and the stars that shone the most:

Rita Hayworth , Lauren Bacall , Gene Tierley , Maureen O'Hara , Barbara Stanwyck , Veronica Lake....


Thanks to Leticia salt Dreams from spain me llegan estas fotos realizadas por Click10 de una maravillosa invitada de invierno con mimoki.

Con nuestro bandeaux Otomano Verde esmeralda de rafia de seda y bordado de pasamanería y cristales, un vestido satén verde intenso de Miguel Palacio, Make up & Hair By the Hand of Under Be And Skins and jewels of Conchita de Vicente... the elegance of this winter guest has left us ice cream .



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