Monimoleskine for mimoki

For all these years mimoki It has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people with whom to make magical collaborations: Monimoleskine Has been the last of them .

Between meals , Events and meetings we had the idea of designing together a collection capsule of bags mimoki .

From the beginning we connect with the inspiration of Monica: the Bougainvillea . We love flowers , For us they are inexhaustible source of ideas , So the challenge we loved . 

First we raise the models , Would be two clutches and a bag , Three different designs to be able to carry them on every occasion , Both day and night , For a wedding , A party or a day of meetings and dinners . A mini collection that always accompanies Monica with her favorite looks .

The next step was to choose the colors and finishes of the before and skins based on the tones of the bougainvillea . It is important for Monica to reflect the life and energy that this plant transmits , As Mediterranean as she .

The purple is the great protagonist of his collection along with touches of an intense English green and a luminous green water .  


Discover the capsule collection Monimoleskinexmimoki In our shop mimoki conde de aranda , 8 And in the E - shop mimoki . It's

Clutch Shell:

Suede Envelope: 

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